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    How a youth leadership program creates change-makers in 3 days

    When teenagers meet for the first time in a group setting, the result is the same, even in rural Guatemala.  It’s the beginning of day 1 of the SERES “ACTIVATE” workshop that aims to inform and empower youth to change their world for the better. The girls are huddled together in small clusters, giggling quietly as

  • Abigail Quic (center), SERES Senior Facilitator, accepts the first UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development. 
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    Building Education for Sustainable Development: SERES joins UNESCO GAP meeting in Paris

    SERES founder Corrina Grace has arrived in Paris for UNESCO’s 2016 GAP conference, joining representatives from around the world who are working towards education for sustainable development (ESD) goals. Over the next three days, presentations and workshops will allow representatives from member states to share best practices and envision methods for scaling-up actions globally. Having

  • What do our young people say? New formations in youth governance create space for change

    Listening to the incredible ideas of youth is vital, especially in countries like Guatemala that are defined by a high youth population who will be the drivers of future social, political, and economic change. Through the establishment of formalized youth governing bodies in regions of Guatemala, their voices are given form and structure in local

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    How sustainability leadership provides both the will to learn and the will to change

    Jun Che’, Jun K’aslem (one tree, one life) was one of many action plans that came out of the community congress in Patzun in June 2015. The youth behind the plan, a group of change makers from the community of Chuacacai, were all filled with hope and belief that they can make a change. Education

  • Advancing sustainability leadership through University partnerships

    Last year, SERES partnered with the University of California, Irvine to develop a series of transformative sustainability leadership programs for undergraduate and graduate students on campus. Here’s the latest report from UCI’s Sustainability Initiative about the programs that were developed through this partnership.