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    Encounter with the protagonists of change in El Salvador: Day 1 in Panchimalco

    At the beginning of September we were visited by Elizabeth Pellecer, a SERES volunteer and current student of Social Development in a university in the Czech Republic. The purpose of her visit was to study the impact that the programs Youth Leaders for the Pachamama have had in Panchimalco, San Salvador and El Papaturro, Suchitoto.

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    “The change is the world and we are the world”

    by Esteban Sacalxot “I didn’t want to come because I didn’t know what the program was about, but I’m glad I came. Now I know I can make a difference”. –Participant from Youth Leading for the Pachamama (YLP), Santa María de Jesús, Sacatepéquez “We don’t get scolded here, and we were heard from the beginning.

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    Young, empowered leader – an interview by Antonio Cruz S.

    Cristian Pintín is a 21 year old that lives in the Celina Ramos community, in the Suchitoto municipality of El Salvador. In May 2015, for the first time, he participated in the Congreso de Jóvenes Liderando por la Pachamama in Suchitoto. This experience made him reflect on his participation in creating a community that takes

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    UNESCO announces winners – SERES named!

    Director-General of UNESCO, Ms Irina Bokova, has announced the names of the first winners of the newly established UNESCO-Japan Prize for outstanding projects related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), with SERES being named one of the three laureates! The UNESCO-Japan Prize was established in 2014 to honour outstanding efforts of individuals, institutions and organizations

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    Creation of environmental committee at El Salvador’s La Paz department

    Last 9th of May, SERES opened the 4th Youth Leaders for the Pachamama congress. The 2015 session took place in El Salvador. It was held at a beautiful community from San Juan Nonualco’s municipality in La Paz department. San Antonio La Laguneta’s community is located on the slopes of San Vicente (also known as Chinchontepeque)