At SERES, we’re conscious of our carbon emissions, and track the social cost of carbon emissions from our operations and our team travel. We then put funds matching that social cost into our own youth leaders’ sustainability projects in their local communities, among other programs.

This is carbon onsetting – calculating the social cost of your carbon emissions, and then re-investing an adequate amount of funds back into the projects and organizations that are directly confronting climate change, on the ground and in the long term.

YOU can join us in this effort. Through the innovative platform Earthdeeds, you can input your travel, find out the social cost of your carbon emissions, and then donate that via our SERES Green Fund, which is designated for the best action plans and projects of our youth leaders, along with training programs for facilitators and youth ambassadors. You can be assured that your dollars will be going directly to youth leadership formation and youth-led projects focused on reforestation, trash-collecting, environmental-awareness training, and more. Even better, you can follow along with some of their progress here on the SERES Green Fund page.

Are you in? Take a look at this video about how to carbon onset with us via Earthdeeds:


Each year, SERES awards cash prizes from our carbon-onsetting green fund to the best community action plans. In 2016, we received 22 submissions and awarded three prizes in the categories of Most Inspirational, Best Impact and Outstanding Project Management.

1. Inspiration Category: “The Network 4.0.1” Guaymango, El Salvador

Also known as “the people’s choice award”, this prize is awarded to the project that receives the most number of “likes” through social media. The Most Inspirational category encourages youth to get public and share their work amongst their networks, helping to raise awareness about their projects and build skills in digital media and marketing.  Youth in Guaymango, El Salvador, won this category for their action plan that focuses on reforestation and raising environmental awareness in their local community.

Juventud 4.0.1 Guaymango

Unificando Esfuerzos por la Pachamama: Involucrar los diferentes actores de la comunidad en pro del desarrollo de las y los jóvenes y también del medio ambiente con el fin de buscar un desarrollo integral.

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2. Impact Category: El Papaturro, El Salvador  

The Best Impact award looks at what the overall direct and indirect impact of the project is on people and the planet. It takes into consideration not just numbers, but also the quality and long-term benefits. Youth in El Papaturro are promoting a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability by providing comprehensive environmental education programs to over 350 children, youth and adults in their community. The judges awarded this prize to Jóvenes en Lucha for their holistic and inclusive approach, which is promoting not just environmental stewardship but also helping to protect natural resources and revitalize local wealth and economy.


Concientización ambiental, con el objetivo de lograr que las personas dentro y fuera de de la comunidad de El Papaturro sean participes del cambio, generando un buen desarrollo y una vida sostenible. (El Papaturro, Suchitoto)

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3. Gestation/Implementation Category: “Youth Leading Uspántan” 

This award was created to encourage project management skills such as alliance building, creating partnerships, fundraising, resource management and project planning. The Outstanding Project Management award was given to the “SERES Uspantan” youth group for the skill they showed in planning, implementation and creating partnerships which allowed them to run 6 different initiatives including a healthy canteen pilot project, reforestation in three different villages and environmental education classes in the local school.  


Juventud Liderando Uspántan – Su objetivo es "activar y fomentar una cultura de conciencia ambiental y sostenible que ayude a los jóvenes a desarrollar una visión de cambio y un pensamiento crítico sobre temas socio-ambientales". – (Uspántan, Quiché)

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SERES is a carbon neutral organization

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